For Boys and Girls ages 7-17 at California Lutheran University under the instruction of Head Coach Rich Rider and staff.

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Shooting and Individual Offensive Moves Camp

(Includes Point Guard Skills)

July 24-26, 2017

Cost - $195.00

9am - 3pm

Ages 7-17

Shooting Instruction Topics

Mental Aspects of Shooting Shot Development
  Readiness to Learn   Swing, Cock and Lock
  Good Mental Attitude   T.V. Shooting
  Good Shot Selection   Partner Shooting w/o Ball
      Partner Shooting w/ Ball
Physical Aspects of Shooting   Shooting off the Front Foot
  Selecting Your Target   Backboard Shooting
  Proper Hands and Wrist   One Hand "Killer Shots"
  Balance and Quickness    
Free Throw and 3 pt. Shooting


Point Guard Topics


Mental Aspects of a Point Guard Fast Break Principles
  Being a Coach on the Floor   Receiving the Outlet
  Recognizing Defenses   Reading the Defense
  How to Break a Press  
  How to Break a Trap Zone Attack
  Preventing Turnovers   How to Attack
  "Little Things" That make a Difference   What to look for
  Getting Teammates Open Shots    


Individual Offensive Moves

Live Ball Moves Dribble Moves
  Direct Drive   Head & Shoulders Drive
  Crossover   Crossover Dribble
  Rocker & Jump Stop   "Stutter" Jump Shot
  Rocker, Lift & Drive   Change of Pace Moves
    "Spin Moves" off the Dribble
Dead Ball Moves   "1/2 Spin" off the Dribble
  Step-Through   Dribble Rocker
  Pump Fakes    
  1/2 Spin  
Two Man Moves How to Get Open



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*While there is a natural overlap on some topics, each camp has very focused activities designed to make you a better player. The Hoop Rat Shooting Camp and the Point Guard and Perimeter Camp are specialized camps for the motivated player, taught in an ideal learning environment. Enrollment will be limited to provide the best individual attention.